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  • Is it An Ant, Or A Termite?

    Saturday May 31, 2014

    At this time of year, hardly a week goes past without phone calls from nervous homeowners who aren’t sure whether they’re finding winged ants or termites in and around their home. “They look like ants, but they have wings,” they say. “What

  • What Is A Termite Swarm?

    Tuesday April 16, 2013

    Since our last post was about ants, which are officially invading every house they can find a way into, this is a perfect time to focus on a somewhat similar-looking home invader: Swarmi

  • Increased Termite Activity Expected Throughout 2011

    Thursday April 14, 2011

    A number of professional sources are predicting increased termite activity across the United States this spring and summer, primarily due to recent weather conditions.

    A cold winter followed by a warm, wet spring is likely to prompt win

  • A Bit Of Info On Termites

    Monday May 24, 2010

    What are termites? What do they do?

    Termites are insects, about the size of ants (though not closely related to them), which feed mostly on dead plant material, including wood. For this reason, they can cause s

  • Termites Vs. Flying Ants: Know The Difference

    Saturday August 01, 2009

    One of the most commonly misidentified pests is the flying ant, which is frequently confused with the termite. These two insects can be about the same size and color, and possess similar wings. The difference? Several hundred dollars or more,

  • Ants – Common Characteristics & Control

    Wednesday July 08, 2009

    Wet weather and warm days in early April mark the start of ant season on Delmarva. Whether it’s lines of foraging ants marching across your kitchen counter, or a lawn marked by anthills, these little insects often prove to be a nuisance that i

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