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  • Pesticides 101: Banned Insecticides

    Sunday August 11, 2013

    Many people have a negative reaction to the word “pesticide,” usually because of what they’ve heard about synthetic products that haven’t been used in 20-40 years. (Ironically, the same people sprinkle two potent pesticides on their food: salt

  • Pesticides 101: The Lingo

    Thursday July 28, 2011

    Every industry has a unique lingo, its own language, that seems unintelligible to the layman, and pest control is no exception. Brasure’s technicians try to talk to homeowners in a way that is easy to understand, leaving technical terms to the

  • Pesticides 101: A Brief History

    Thursday July 21, 2011

    This is the first of several posts intended to educate readers about pesticides. This week we’ll focus on their history. In future posts, we’ll take a look at different kinds of pesticides, how they work, safety tips, myths and misconceptio

  • Little-Known Facts About DDT

    Monday August 16, 2010

    DDT stands for Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane.

    In 1939, Dr. Paul Muller discovered that DDT killed a number of insects (including mosquitoes), and patented it in the U.S. in 1943.

    10% DDT dust was used by the U.S. Army in 1943 to

  • Squash Bugs

    Monday July 12, 2010

    This photo of insects on the underside of a squash plant leaf were sent to Brasure’s Pest Control, Inc., by Scott in Berlin. Note the eggs on the right. What are they?

    Appropriately enough, they are called squash bugs (pictured are squ

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