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The Rich Man’s Cockroach

5/17/2013 12:00:00 AM
The Rich Man’s Cockroach

Silverfish are silver-colored insects, usually an inch long or less, which move with a fish-like motion and occasionally infest structures. They should not be confused with centipedes, which look somewhat similar. In some regions, they are called fishmoths, carpet sharks, or paramites.

These pests feed on anything that contains polysaccharides, such as starches and dextrin. Carpet, paper, book bindings, glue, photos, and tapestries are excellent food sources for silverfish, which is why they are so often found in attics. Surprisingly, a silverfish can live for as long as one year without eating!

Though they typically infest attics, silverfish might be found in rooms upstairs (assuming the home has more than one story), particularly bathrooms, which serve as a water source. The average attic provides plenty of food sources. However, silverfish can also be found in garages, closets, and similar storage spaces.

It’s difficult to prevent a silverfish infestation. Sometimes they’re brought into brand new homes with construction materials, such as insulation. Because they prefer moist areas, it can help to dry out such areas with a dehumidifier. Infestations can be treated with baits and insecticides.

Silverfish are among the pests covered by our Premium Protection Plan.

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