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  • 5 More Bed Bug Myths

    Sunday June 02, 2013

    In our last post we debunked five common myths about bed bugs, but those are far from the only misconceptions about the frequently misunderstood pest. Here are five more myths we frequently run into, plus the facts.

    “Bed bugs tr

  • 5 Bed Bug Myths

    Thursday May 30, 2013

    Many Americans never knew that bed bugs were real until they began making a comeback just a few years ago. Consequently, these tiny blood-suckers are probably the most misunderstood pest. We run into myths and misinformation all the time; here

  • The 15-Minute Bed Bug Inspection

    Tuesday April 09, 2013

    Now that spring is beginning to feel like spring, you’re planning to visit beautiful Ocean City, Rehoboth Beach, or one of the many other beach towns on the East Coast. Or, it’s time to open up the beach house and prepare for the two dozen fam

  • New Study Shows Bed Bugs Can Carry MRSA

    Thursday May 12, 2011

    When bed bugs began making their comeback several years ago, they weren’t taken very seriously. Exterminators scoffed, and many homeowners reacted with amusement. Bed bugs, once a serious nuisance pest, had been wiped out with the help of chem

  • Inspecting Your Hotel Room For Bed Bugs

    Monday September 20, 2010

    Bed bugs are back, and everybody knows it. One can hardly watch the news these days without seeing a story about bed bugs, and they have become the number one money-maker for many pest control companies, particularly those which service resort

  • Bed Bugs FAQ

    Monday June 07, 2010

    What is a bed bug?

    Bed bugs are reddish-brown nocturnal insects, about 1/8 inch long, which feed solely on the blood of humans and animals. They normally go a few days between feedings, but can survive for up to 18 mon

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