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Increased Termite Activity Expected Throughout 2011

4/14/2011 12:00:00 AM
Increased Termite Activity Expected Throughout 2011

A number of professional sources are predicting increased termite activity across the United States this spring and summer, primarily due to recent weather conditions.

A cold winter followed by a warm, wet spring is likely to prompt winged termites to leave their subterranean colonies and attempt to establish colonies elsewhere. When a colony is located underneath or adjacent to a home or other structure, the termites might “swarm” around a window, in a garage, or in a crawlspace. (For help in identifying termites, check out last week’s post, Flying Ants or Winged Termites?) It’s important to note that a termite swarm is not necessarily an indication of a new termite infestation. Without periodic inspections, an infestation can go unnoticed for years, even decades.

In recent years, the pest control industry saw a decrease in the number of termite swarms, which puzzled entomologists and exterminators alike. Some viewed the development as bad news, but it pushed many companies to expand their services, which helped to revitalize an industry that had for too long relied on the existence of a single, destructive pest to stay in business. And, of course, no homeowner views a decrease in termite activity as bad news!

Swarming termites, photographed in Selbyville last spring.

Earlier this week, a Brasure’s technician encountered swarming termites at a home in Frankford, which had not been treated previously. They emerged from a tiny gap between the front porch and the house, surprising the homeowner (who initially thought that they were winged ants). However, there were no signs of termite activity in the crawlspace, or anywhere else for that matter. This homeowner was fortunate; too often, homeowners discover a termite infestation only after it has caused hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage.

The good news for local homeowners is that Brasure’s offers free termite inspections, in which a trained technician thoroughly examines termite-prone areas of the home, including garages, crawlspaces, porches and decks, attached sheds, mulch beddings, etc. A termite treatment, while more involved and expensive than a treatment for, say, ants, is a long-term solution that protects the structural integrity and monetary value of the home.

For more information on termites, or to request a free inspection, call our office at 302-436-8140.

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