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Mosquito and Tick Program

Not only are mosquitoes and ticks an annoyance, it seems every year we are discovering more reasons to avoid contact with these common pests that can pose a real danger. Mosquitoes that are infected can transmit West Nile, Zika, encephalitis viruses to humans and even heartworms to our pets. Ticks are notorious for transmitting Lyme disease and other lesser known diseases such as Alpha-Gal, Babesiosis and Human Anaplasmosis.

Brasure's can help you provide a much more pleasant, safer environment on your property, whether it is your home, business, community pools and tennis courts or your entire community. While no one can guarantee you will be mosquito free, our treatments can greatly reduce the amount of mosquitoes in your environment.

Our trained technicians will treat your property using a motorized backpack with a barrier spray targeting resting areas for mosquitoes such as; foliage, vegetation areas, buildings, porches, eaves, patios, window screens and other areas to kill adult mosquitoes. Your yard will also be treated to kill ticks and reduce fleas.

Once the application has dried, bonding it to the treated surfaces (usually 30-60 minutes), the protection is there and ready for you, your children and pets to enjoy being outside again.

We use an insecticide in the pyrethroid family. Pyrethroids are man-made versions of pyrethrins, which come from chrysanthemum flowers. This is a preferred active ingredient in insecticides due to their longer lasting effectiveness.

The Mosquito & Tick Service visits are scheduled every 2 weeks from May through October.

3 levels of service depending on your property size and needs:

  • Patio service covers properties up to 1/2 acre.
  • Garden service covers properties up to 1 acre.
  • Estate service is for properties over 1 acre.

Best Value

Your best value is our Season Package to provide this important protection.

Special Occasion or Events

Brasure's Pest Control can help you greatly reduce the annoyance of dealing with mosquitoes for your special occasion or event. Whether it is a wedding, graduation, bar mitzvah, family reunion or backyard celebration, Brasure's can add to the success of your event.

  • 1st treatment consists of a backpack or a power sprayer barrier treatment of foliage, vegetation areas, buildings, porches, eaves, patios, windows, screens, and other resting areas one week before the event.
  • 2nd treatment completed the day of the event which consists of a truck mounted ULV machine that will fog your property to repel and kill adult mosquitoes and biting flies.

Contact Chris Brasure at 302-436-8140 or via our Contact Form for pricing of communities, golf courses, commercial establishments and other amenities.

We also offer a ULV Mosquito Treatment Program for Communities

Have you ever seen the State or Municipality spraying for mosquitoes? Our ULV (Ultra Light Volume) treatment for communities is completed in the same way. Our equipment is vehicle mounted to best apply the treatment, via a mist along your streets. We use a State recommended product called Aqualuer 20-20 that kills adult mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Contact Us at Brasure's to inquire further about our Mosquito and Tick Service in the Coastal Maryland (Ocean City to Salisbury) and Delaware (Selbyville, Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach, Rehoboth Beach, Lewes and inland to Bridgeville, Laurel) areas.

To read more about Mosquitoes, their habitats and tips, check out our Brasure's Pest Control Blog.

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