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Excessive moisture in a conventionally vented crawlspace is the number one cause associated with a host of serious crawlspace concerns.

As levels of moisture rise, the structure becomes more conducive to wood destroying insects, more prone to microbial growth, more susceptible to rot and suffers greatly diminished indoor air quality. Crawlspace moisture can also have a negative impact on your hardwood flooring. The crawlspace of your home may be out of sight but the effects of excessive moisture in your crawlspace should not be out of mind.

A CrawlSpace Technologies system is as important to your home as your roof is.

The CrawlSpace Technologies system protects your home from the bottom up. They provide moisture control by using a high quality, tear resistant 8, 12 or 20 mil vapor liner to cover the ground which is sealed to a high quality, R-11 termite resistant wall board on the walls. All seams are taped to protect moisture from passing around the liner. If foundation vents are already present, they will be sealed. This system, along with proper drainage and a form of mechanical drying will provide great moisture control and protection.

With CrawlSpace Technologies, Your Home is Protected Against:

  • Condensational moisture
  • High levels of humidity
  • Ground moisture vapors
  • Moisture intrusion from outside of the foundation walls

Benefits of a Closed CrawlSpace:

  • Enhanced quality of the crawlspace environment
  • Less humidity
  • Less humidity variations during the annual seasonal cycle
  • Reduces the susceptibility to insect damage, wood rot, and mold issues by reducing moisture. The improvements result in overall energy savings from reduced annual energy use for heating and cooling your home

Before: Issues

  • Bare dirt
  • Energy loss
  • No humidity control
  • Wet wood, insulation & HVAC ducts
  • Prone to insect infestation
  • Ideal for mold growth

After: Benefits

  • Clean sealed liner system
  • Saves energy
  • Correct humidity
  • Dry crawlspace surfaces
  • Fewer insects
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring

If your house has a crawlspace, you have probably noticed the foundation vents on the outside of your home. The original purpose of these vents was to circulate and replace the air in the crawlspace with fresh air from the outside. For many years, this system appeared to work very well.

Now we know better! New scientific studies have shown that conventionally vented crawlspaces may not only cost us more energy dollars, but may also cause serious threats to our indoor air quality. Here's how!

Many older homes were built without central air conditioning. Cooling was achieved by putting fans in the windows. For most people today, air conditioning is a necessity instead of a luxury. Duct work is now installed in the crawlspace where the ducts can connect to all the rooms easily and without complication.

This has changed how our homes breathe. Air comes into the crawlspace through the foundation vents and connects with surfaces which have been cooled by the cold air in the ducts. The hot, moist air meets the cooler surfaces; the dew point is reached and condensation occurs. When condensation forms on the components of your crawlspace, mold is on the way.

Even without warm, moist air entering through the foundation vents, or by condensation, moisture will still impact your home through the natural moisture vapors which rise from the ground below your home. Crawlspace Technologies is the best way to remedy the multiple sources of moisture in our crawlspaces.

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