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Chemical MSDS

Below is a list of the products that we regularly use and the target pest it is designed for. Click on the link to see the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for that product. Also, at the bottom of your invoice, you will find the products that were used at your location for that service.

DuPont Advion Ant Gel - Ant Bait - Inside Use

Alpine Flea IGR - Fleas - Inside Use

PetCor Flea Spray - Flea Treatments

Suspend SC - General Pests (Ants, Crickets, Spiders) - Outside & Inside Use

Talstar P Granulars - General Pests (Ants, Crickets, Spiders) - Outside Use

Termidor SC - General Pests (Ants, Crickets, Spiders) - Outside Use

Cy-Kick CS - Mosquito / Tick - Outside Use

Talstar Pro - Mosquito / Tick - Outside Use

Aqualuer 20-20 - Mosquito / Tick - Outside - ULV (misting) Treatment

Contrac All Weather Blox - Mouse Bait in Plastic Childproof Bait Stations

NyGuard IGR - Roach Growth Regulator - Inside Use

Intice Granular Bait - Silverfish Treatments - Inside Use

Snake Away - Snake Repellant Granulars - Outside Use

Total Release - Spider Fogging - Inside Use

Fuse - General Pests (Ants, Crickets Spiders)

Honey Bees
Fire ant

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